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Valentine's Day Is Coming! Valentines's Day Is Coming!!

Lil'Kinz Mini Plush Stuffed Animal Cardinal

I'm the little Red Cardinal Bird of Love (yes, I know the brilliant red cardinal is the male, and I'm female, just go with it this time, OK?!?)... where was I.  Oh, yes, I'm the little Red Cardinal Bird of Love here to tell you that Valentine's Day is going to be here in 3 days.  So are you ready?  Do you have a little somethin' somethin' to give to your special person/people?  Valentine's day is the easiest gift shopping holiday ever, in my book.  I mean how much easier can it get than buying massive amounts of candy and chocolate for the people that you love?!  Of course, now they (there's that ambiguous "THEY" again) have all kinds of other things too.  A person can now find things for the ever present party pooper, wet blanket and self loathing dark individual as well...

But being the romantic that I am, I'm not going to dwell in that dark corner any longer - yeesh!  Give me fun and fuzzy any day of the week!  For instance, I love these cute valentines pillowcases...

And now we come full circle to the best original gift of Valentine's Day...

What?  Too much chocolate for you?  Wimp!  Now get busy wrapping up some lovin' for your Lovey!!

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