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Confession I (that's roman numeral for 'one')

                   I have a pet peeve.  Okay, I have a lot of pet peeves.  So I have a whole herd of pet peeves.  My pet peeves are so numerous and out of control that I have to keep razor wire around them.  Once in a great while the little critters will break out and it takes days to gather them back up and become socially acceptable again. 
Razor Wire in the Evening Light Photographic Poster Print by Rob Cousins, 18x24

"They" say (you know the great ominous THEY everyone always refers to, that's the one I'm referring to here as well) if you take each of your pet peeves and get to know it, you can become friends with it and make peace.  Then, supposedly, you will then be able to let it go free and it will not return to haunt you ever again.  Hmmm, where do I start?  I guess I'll just close my eyes and yank a couple out randomly...
Aromatherapy Herbal Soap Sampler (Made with 100% Pure Essentail Oils)

*Hair on the bar of soap in the shower*

Making Natural Liquid Soaps: Herbal Shower Gels / Conditioning Shampoos / Moisturizing Hand SoapsNot just any hair, that hair!  GROSS!  I'm positive this is why some beautiful genius invented shower gel in a bottle, for the disgusting people out there that don't know how to use a lathered up washcloth!  At least with shower gel we no longer have to lather our own washcloths with someone else's DNA. 

ACORN Women's Polar Moc II Slipper Chocolate Dots,Medium 6.5-7.5 M US
*People wearing their pajamas in public... along with their bedroom slippers scuff scuff scuff*

Unfortunately, that's all we have time for today because the rest of the little buggers are just too wound up wanting to be next.  Don't worry, I'll pull out a couple more when they all get settled down again!  

To Be Continued with Confession II (that's roman numeral for 'two')...

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