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Bubba Bubba, wherefore art thou cometh?

Redneck Trucker Hat
Two Front Teeth (Red Lips) Baby PacifierTrailer Trash Doll 12" in Collector's BoxIn other words, who in the world is Bubba and why do parents nickname their kids after him?!  Of all nicknames that a kid can be strapped with, why Bubba?!  I mean REALLY!!  Bubba?!  Bubba sounds synonymous with kissing your first cousin, believing pop tarts are a nutritious breakfast and shopping at WalMart.  ewwww.  Now you might be thinking, who am I to talk?  Well, I have more experience with this type of thing than what you might imagine, even though I graduated from high school and even made it to *gasp* college.  I have a relative who is part of the Bubba phenomena.  I will change her name (see why here) to Stupid Head  Twit  Boob  .  Actually, it's probably best that I don't rename her.  So anyway, She calls her son Bubba.  She has done this since he was an infant.  Let's pause here for a second and examine the precious state of an infant.  I admit, when you see a tender brand new baby a person automatically wants to call them something nicknamey... such as Lovey, Punkin, Powder Puff,  Sweet Pea.  But, BUBBA?!?!  I am honestly dumbfounded and not just a little turned off by this strange occurrence.   She is also the same woman overgrown teenager that lets one of the six animals, that live inside the house, lick off the plates after a meal before She puts them on the counter to cure for 6 or 7 days before She washes them (would you like parisites with that pop tart?).   The trend continues. 
The only time I get the warm and fuzzies when someone is called 'Bubba' is when I read this book...
Bubba, The Cowboy Prince
So except for "Bubba The Cowboy Prince", I'm left with the same taste in my mouth that I started with.  For I never, to this day, have seen anything that has redeemed the aura that surrounds the nickname BUBBA.
BUBBA - Street Sign - new road redneck hillbilly gift novelty street sign road