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This blog is 99% humor with a dash of 1% serious. Go ahead, sit back, relax and enjoy the funnier side of everyday life. Whatever you do, DON'T forget to read the older posts. Each one is an animal all of it's own, REALLY! ***********ALSO... In each "FRUGAL FIX" post I give out awesome coupon codes and freebies. WEEEEE!! Stay tuned to consume!


Heads up! It's FRUGAL FIX!!!

.75" Dollar Sign On 16" Chain In Gold

I would like to introduce a hot little number that will be popping up from time to time in the near future and beyond...

*$*$*$*$*    FRUGAL FIX    *$*$*$*$*

Who doesn't like to take a dip into the clean clear "Ocean Of Savings" once in awhile?!  Now is your chance!  Because of my position as Blogger Monger I have been given the golden ticket of discounts galore to offer to my precious readers.  As you pop in and out of REALLY! keep an eye on the "FRUGAL FIX" posts for awesome offers, discount codes and freebies.  Don't worry!  None of the normal humor, you have come to love and depend on in order to have a half way decent day, will be lost.  Believe me, humor is a part of my every waking moment like hemorrhoids and pregnancy.  Pregnancy=Hemorrhoids, Me=Humor; the two shall never be separated. 


I'm Dreaming Of Spring...

Summer Love Couple on Palm Tree Sunset Art Print Poster - 24x36
Spring BREAK that is!!!!   One of the best things about having school aged children is that it makes you really look forward to the breaks... and Spring break is the next one on the list!   
Don't Drink The Water (without reading this book) The essential Guide to Our Contaminated Drinking Water and What You Can Do About ItMy whole family loves the beach.  Forget about extracurricular money sucking attractions, just give us sand, sea and sunshine!  We always go to a beautiful beach in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.  We don't need anymore "exotic" than that.  Because, let's be honest folks, all "exotic" means is "Every toXin yOu haven'T Invited Commencing"  (Take a little peek here... if you're brave enough).  I mean REALLY, do not drop me off someplace where I have to live, drink, brush and shower with only bottled water the whole entire time for fear of contracting dysentery.  Or worse yet... worms.  It's bad enough to see your neighbor's dog hot-scootin'-it across the drive way.  The LAST thing you want to see is your neighbor dog's OWNER hot-scootin'-it across the driveway!  I can imagine it now... "Oh dear, Cole and Trixie must have gone to Grenada again.  This is the third time today I've seen them scooting across their gravel drive.  They are going to have some nasty friction rubs.  Poor things."   

Phuket Thailand (Boat on Beach) Art Poster Print - 24x36 Poster Print, 36x24 Poster Print, 36x24
Yes, so give me my little safe tropical spot in the sun.  Am I a little OCD, you ask?  I'm not sure how you ever got such a silly notion like that, now go wash your hands already, and mind your own business!
South Sea Beach Landscape Huge Wall Mural Art Print Poster - 100x144