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Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Sun inspired gold plated wall mirror - Style 31397It dawned on me one day that I really don't look in the mirror all that often.  You know all of the excuses - don't have time, in a hurry, it broke, I'm just naturally beautiful and don't need to etcetera etcetera. 

The "dawning" went a little like this...

Bad HairOne morning I got up, did all the routine Mommy and Me things, got dressed and fixed my hair.  I was feelin' pretty good (emphasis on pretty).  I wadded my long hair up into a chic messy bun, stuck in a few bobby pins (who is Bobby anyway?) and perkily went on my way, without ever glancing in the direction of a mirror.  Later that morning I met up with my own mother.  Of course I was excited to see her but I was caught a little off guard by the over zealous hysterical laughter that burst out of her mouth when she saw me.  I was more than eager to be let in on the joke, already smiling and chuckling a little bit with anticipation.  It took her a little while to catch her breath because as soon as she would get cleared up enough to talk she would burst into another round of sailor type belly laughing.  Finally she was able to squeak out through her tears of mirth, "Did you intentionally fix your hair that way or did you forget to fix your hair when you got up this morning?"  I was dumb founded, surely I did not know of what my mom was speaking... "HUH?  Say that again Mom."  Mom says, through another bout of chuckles that sounded suspiciously close to crying, "It looks like a rat is going to jump out of the middle of it all!"

Mind you, this is my MOTHER.  You know, the woman who loves me with every fiber of her being because I came from her womb.  I thought love was suppose to be blind or at least severely far sided.  But, alas, love has eyes that are not vision impaired. 

Star Wars Darth Vader and Princess Leia Humor "Bad Hair Day" Greeting CardOnce I returned home, I immediately dug up a dusty hand mirror from the bowels of a closet and used it to get a good 360 degree view of my 'do' using the hall mirror.  Hmmm.  Another look.  Wow, it's amazing how confident a person can feel without looking in a mirror.  And then how all that confidence disappears like a plate full of donut holes at a weight watchers meeting, when a little look-see is taken.  Yep, I guess I should take my own advise (did you forget what that was? oh for goodness sake, just click on the link already!It doesn't bite!) and start taking a better look in the mirror.  Or, on second thought, I'll just stick with the joy of oblivious confidence.

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  1. very funny! I could totally see me doing the same thing!