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What She (DOESN'T) Tell You In Her Cute Little Public Health Journal

I recently read a health journal a 30 something woman had posted for the whole world to see and envy.  It was a run down of her day including exercise and the foods she ate.  As I read through it I felt like something was missing.  Perhaps the whole truth!  I have taken it upon myself to post a true-to-life health journal that includes the things "they" (don't) tell us...

DAY 29
~ Woke up in time to see the sun rising this morning
(panicked when I couldn't remember what day it was)

~ Performed a delicious full body stretch
(expelled a tremendous amount of gas)

~ Bounded out of bed ready to start the day
(landed on a binder clip, pointy side up #@*!)

~ Got ready for my morning jog by putting on my adorable tank with cutie pie cotton/Lycra shorts
(so my thighs won't chaff anymore, maybe I should consider aqua jogging instead)

~ Ran 3 miles in record time
(because the BIG call of nature came knocking once I was a mile and a half from home... I knew I should have taken the time to go  before I left!)

~ Showered
(didn't shave my legs again - they're starting to look a little hypertrichotic)

~ Ate a yummy breakfast of 3 walnuts and 2 blueberries
(15 minutes later was still starving so went to McDonalds and ordered a McGriddle meal - WOW did that hit the spot!)

~ Went to work

~ Ate a nutritious lettuce wrap for lunch
(on my break ran to the car and snarfed a Snicker candy bar and downed a Dr. Pepper)

~ Enjoyed the drive home with the windows down
(stupid air conditioner is on the fritz again)

~ Made a simple quick supper
(Hamburger Helper)

~ Did some end-of-day weight training to work my pectorals which is paying off because my breasts are definitely looking perkier (too bad I'm a AAcup)

~ Went to bed really early, gotta get my beauty rest - sweet dreams everybody:)
(Insomnia hit.  Got back up.  Dug a Hostess Twinkie out of the back of my closet and guzzled a glass of whole milk.  Got back in bed and slept like a baby.)


  1. Funny post.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and to answer your question I have a canon powershot A610 which can be point shoot but also has the option where I can set everything manually. It also has the option for adding different lenses which attach with an adapter. I can't afford another digital camera but eventually I'd like one more like my really old 35 mm which I had a bunch of different lenses for. However, this is a pretty good in between digital.

  2. oh my word!!! This is hysterical and so true that I can only admit that in a faceless blogosphere amongst people I will never meet face to face. Please keep posting!!!