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This blog is 99% humor with a dash of 1% serious. Go ahead, sit back, relax and enjoy the funnier side of everyday life. Whatever you do, DON'T forget to read the older posts. Each one is an animal all of it's own, REALLY! ***********ALSO... In each "FRUGAL FIX" post I give out awesome coupon codes and freebies. WEEEEE!! Stay tuned to consume!


FREE o.b. Trial Pack

Free o.b. Trial Pack

Here's another one!!!!  Free o.b. Trial Pack.  By now, Ladies, I think you know you can count on me.  Yippee Yi Yay, we'll have every brand known to woman in our poky of free pads and tampons before I'm all done!!  Here's the link...
o.b. Trial Pack

By the way, I found these little gems below on Amazon.com and thought they were hilarious!  They aren't free but every woman needs these little suckers!

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