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Monday. You know what that means...

It's Moron Monday!!!!!!!
(Come on everybody, let's get on the ball!  Why stop with "Wordless Wednesday"?!  Why should everyone else have all the fun tagging the days of the week with cutie pie names - we can do it too!  Really!!)

Ever feel like you run into more morons on Monday than any other day of the week?  What a coincidence because I do too!  It always goes a little bit like this...

Texas Longhorns Musical Vintage Alarm ClockQUIKRETE COMPANIES 112447 PORTLAND CEMENT 47 LBYour Monday begins about normal.  Your alarm goes off at O' dark morning, you hit the off button which always seems to have migrated to a different spot on the clock during the night.  Get up, get the family going who appears to have been set in cement.  Once the kids finally get to school, you ignite the rocket boosters to really get something done!  Only to be slowed down by people still on weekend mode!  It seems like everyone you run into on a Monday must not have received the proper nutrition over the weekend.  Maybe they didn't get enough fluids and their brain is slightly dehydrated and shriveled.  Possibly Mondays are like Full Moons, these people would normally be wedged at home staying blissfully out of our way, but feel the need to get up and go somewhere public because their pin worms are suddenly more active.  It's definitely food for thought.  So until you fall into bed tonight completely disoriented by fatigue from fighting off the morons... Happy Moron Monday!

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