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"I Love A Challenge"... Is That So!

Well now, really! 
Have you ever wondered about those people that say they love a challenge?  Well I have.  I've laid awake at night wondering about it in fact.  I mean what in the world are they exactly talking about? 

Juggling FirePeriodically do they bind one arm to their side and proceed to juggle flaming Q-tips?  Do they wake up one morning and decide to tie their ankles together and hop their morning run?  Do they purpose to only use their pinky fingers to type their life's story? 

There is much to be explained and dissected here if you ask me.  Do they love a challenge all day long, everyday without relief?  Possibly once a year on their birthday they desire to be challenged by a great treasure hunt?  Or are they looking for the kind of challenge that comes only on holidays like when the whole entire family, including that weird cousin they never really liked, get together in one house and try to look happy and un-annoyed when the meal stretches out into what feels like 38 hours instead of just 1 1/2?    Hmmm, I just wonder.

I feel like I'm challenged plenty.  Challenges just naturally seek me out everyday of my life.  For instance, to just name a few, every morning it's a challenge for me to put on an outfit that has been in style within this decade.  It's a challenge for me to put on a home cooked meal that consists of more than just one dish.  It's a challenge for me to call my children by their given names rather than the name of their sibling, cousins, father or some made up combination of miscellaneous names that my subconscience has stored up for that precise moment.  Once a month I'm even given a kind of ultimate challenge when the period fairy sprinkles me with PMS dust. 
The Princess and the PMS:The PMS Owner's Manual / The Prince and the PMS: The PMS Survival Manual

 If I had many more challenges than what I'm already dished I'd end up hiding in a kitchen cupboard.  So to anyone wandering around in endless boredom yearning for a little challenge in your life, come on over!  It may not come in the form you're expecting like a rushing river and kayak.  But I assure you, I was raised to share and there's plenty to go around. 

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  1. Yes, every day challenges are always around. My challenge is getting baby to nap! Oh the drama!
    Your page is looking good! There was a great google ad for groupon on your site! I am clicked on that one, what a great site!