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Dwell (...another one of those posts on a serious note)

Sunsei 71015 SE-24000 400-Watt 16.5-Volt Solar Panel GeneratorI already shared my favorite "green" book for cleaning here.  So now it's time to share my all time fave magazine... DWELL. 

Most people, myself included, don't have the income to cover a whole roof in solar panels, or the desire to have a composting toilet and a gravity activated water system in order to live off the grid.  In a perfect world, yes I would.   But I believe the average Joe would agree it's not as "simple as all that" all of the time.

BUT I love this magazine!  It gives an ultimate goal for people like me to work toward.  I have what you might call a give-and-take relationship with the ultimate green living.  Let me explain a little bit...

Sun-Mar SpaceSaver Non-Electric Composting Toilet 12vFor now I'm keeping my high efficiency toilet that flows into the city sewer, sorry.  And I'm not quite ready to give up running water in hopes that it will rain regularly in the drought of the summer to have enough water to brush my teeth, let alone drink.  I know I know, I just need to be educated a little more on the subject and then it won't feel so impossible... so just be patient with me. 

Roof Gardens: Balconies & Terraces  I grow an organic garden.  Grant it, it is not on the roof of my house - the waterproof membrane is pretty pricey, not to mention the reinforcement of the roof to handle the extra weight.  The same goes for my landscaping.  I have a lot of trees, bushes and flowers planted around the house, albeit, not actually planted ON the exterior walls of my house. 

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic: What You Need to Know to Choose the Healthiest, Safest, Most Earth-Friendly FoodI glean the little tidbits I can from each issue and employ them in my living in every way possible.  I figure it's just like when a person switches to eating organic foods.  You start simple by purchasing what your income can handle.  When you're a new "organic convert", you could go bankrupt suddenly switching out every consumable thing - not to mention your soaps, shampoos, deodorant, household cleaners etc etc - with their organic equivalent all at once.  Then you would have heaps of discouragement on top of all that to contend with!  So we all start with baby steps.  When you go the gradual route you hardly notice the change at all, monetarily $$$ speaking.  One day you'll look in your cupboards and fridge and realize everything is organic - COOL!  At least that is how it was for me.

So that is how I intend to employ my lovely, wonderful magazine DWELL.  You'll agree it's hard to put down once you start reading and without a doubt you will renew the subscription when it runs out!
Green Roof or Rock Garden 1000 Seeds


  1. I love dwell magazine! Such a beautiful mag.
    I was able to see your google ads! Looks like they are working.
    I will check back again.

  2. ThreadBeaur welcome! Thanks for checking it out for me:)